Diagnostics and Repairs

Lodge Bank Garage has specialist Volkswagen and universal equipment to diagnose your faults accurately and efficiently


Our specialist equipment can read all of the faults recorded in your vehicle to accurately aid in pinpointing any problems you may have, we always carry out a diagnostic check when your vehicle is booked in for servicing and we can provide diagnostic print outs if requested. We will always explain to you any faults to ensure you are fully aware of the causes and problems it may cause.


After diagnosing your vehicle, we can carry out any repairs you may need if you wish for us to do so. We provide a wide range of repair services and with our expert technicians, you’ll have the confidence it’ll be done right. Please contact us if you require a quotation for any repairs you may need.

Dealer Level Facilities

With specialist tools, equipment and trained technicians for Volkswagen group vehicles, we provide a facility that is on par with the main dealers. This gives us efficient productivity which allows us to save time, therefore saving you money on labour costs.


Lodge Bank Garage keeps a stock of all general parts and consumables. We also have access to most VAG and OE quality parts from our suppliers within just a few hours. You have the option of genuine or original equipment (OE) quality parts, we only use high quality replacement parts that are manufactured to OE quality as an alternative to genuine. This enables us to offer you a much cheaper option on some specific parts in the case that the genuine part may be very expensive for no noticeable change in quality to its OE quality counterpart.


We offer no change in quality of service from your main dealer and for a large fraction of the price. Without compromising quality, we can cut down the cost of ownership of your vehicle by a significant amount.


Quotations available upon request

We can offer you many brand options if you wish from budget to top end, from summer to winter tyres. If you are unsure, we will happily help you choose the best tyre for you based on your motoring and budget.