Our expert team guarantees precision and accuracy for your vehicle’s Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. Using state of the art equipment in a specialist environment, we can offer dealership level service at a fraction of the price!

ADAS are designed to aid the driver while driving. These systems are developed to automate, adapt and enhance vehicle systems for safety by minimising human error.

Safety features are designed to avoid collisions and accidents by offering technologies that alert the driver to potential problems, or to avoid collisions by implementing safeguards and taking over control of the vehicle. Adaptive features may automate lighting, provide adaptive cruise control and collision avoidance, pedestrian crash avoidance mitigation (PCAM) and more.


Driver assistance systems are becoming standard technology in modern vehicles

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360° Video Camera Calibration

adas fr cam
Front Video Camera Calibration

adas rear
Rear Video Camera Calibration

adas park
Parking Assistance Camera Calibration

adas fr radar
Front Radar Calibration

adas blind spot
Blind Spot Module Calibration