As dedicated Volkswagen Group specialists, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch service and expert care for all Skoda models. Whether you need routine maintenance, diagnostics or complex repairs, our skilled technicians and state-of-the-art facilities ensure your Skoda performs at it's best.


Through use of the latest diagnostic tools and equipment, we can accurately identify and address any issues which are specific to your Skoda vehicle - adhering to recommended service schedules from the manufacturer. We also only source and use high quality OE or OEM parts.

An original equipment manufactured part is an identical part built by the company that initially made the parts for the manufacturer. They are basically the same part as genuine but come straight from the company that produce the part, boxed in their own branding and at a much cheaper cost.

The main benefits of premium parts:

  • Made with better quality materials that perform better and last longer, typically having a longer warranty.
  • Ensures your vehicle maintains the same performance and safety the manufacturer intended. Some cheaper parts tend to be inferior and can require modifications to the vehicle or even force to get them to fit correctly.


Specialist Diagnostic Functions Available For Volkswagen Group Vehicles

Full functionalities available through ODIS, including (but not limited to):

> ECU Coding and Programming
> Key Coding
> Software Updates

The use of ODIS allows technicians to solve the issues with more cars and at a faster rate, than that of generic diagnostic tools. Containing the latest content and working to the manufacturer's specific communication protocol, ODIS systems can easily target faults by accessing full workshop manuals and the wiring diagrams of Skoda vehicles.

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