Remapping and Tuning

At Lodge Bank Garage, we are proud to be an authorised agent for Avon Tuning, who are world class leaders in the remapping industry!
By careful recalibration of the engine management system we are able to unlock the true potential of most diesel and petrol engines.
Offering a whole host of services, including; ECU Remapping, Performance Tuning and Transmission Mapping - AVON Tuning are world class leaders in the remapping industry!
Remapping your vehicle comes with a variety of benefits, including:
✅ Improved Performance 
✅ Improved Drivability
✅ Enhanced Responsiveness
✅ Better MPG on Diesel Vehicles
Power. Torque. Response. Welcome to the World of Remapping...

Here's just a few examples of vehicles we've had in recently!


Please use the contact form below for any queries regarding Remapping.

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