Our specialist equipment can read all of the faults recorded in your vehicle to accurately aid in pinpointing any problems you may have, we always carry out a diagnostic check when your vehicle is booked in for servicing and we can provide diagnostic print outs if requested. 

Our Promises

We will always explain to you any faults to ensure you are fully aware of the causes and problems it may cause.


Specialist Diagnostic Functions Available For VW Group Vehicles

Full functionalities available through ODIS, including (but not limited to):

> ECU Coding and Programming
> Key Coding
> Software Updates

The use of ODIS allows technicians to solve the issues with more cars and at a faster rate, than that of generic diagnostic tools. Containing the latest content and working to the manufacturer's specific communication protocol, ODIS systems can easily target faults by accessing full workshop manuals and the wiring diagrams of VW vehicles.