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Servicing your vehicle is an important part of keeping your vehicle at its optimal performance.

Our service plan consists of fixed monthly payments, allowing you to budget your vehicle’s regular servicing, eliminating large service bills.

Offering a professional alternative to the main dealer


As a Lodge Bank service plan customer, it has its benefits.

  • Discounted MOT Tests £30

    You are also entitled to free MOT re-tests.

  • Free Replacement Bulbs

    Free standard exterior bulbs if required during your service.

  • Free Wiper Blades

    Limited to standard wipers if required during your service.

  • Complimentary Air-Con Service

    You are entitled to a free air conditioning service if you take out our 3 year or 4 year plan.

  • Inflation Proof

    Your monthly payments will not increase due to rises in servicing costs.

Please contact us for current pricing

This service plan covers the complete cost of your recommended servicing including parts, fluids and labour.

Oil filter
Air filter (if required)
Pollen filter (if required)
Fuel filter (if required)
Spark Plugs
Sump plug
Sump plug seal
Engine oil
Screen wash
Brake fluid (if required)
Full vehicle inspection including road test
Vehicle health check
Reset internal service display
Stamp service book and/or update digital service record

Please contact us to subscribe or for more information